Chile: Vandals Vandalise - Faithful Fix

Three weeks of violent mass demonstrations in Santiago, Chile, culminated in several church desecrations.

The walls of Vera Cruz church were besmeared with heinous slogans like: “We will burn you down”, “Free abortion” and “God doesn’t exist.”

Another church was set on fire but the parish priest managed to call the firefighters in time.

On November 9, a hooded group of leftwing extremists began to loot La Asuncion church in downtown Santiago. They carried pews and paintings out of the church, and beheaded statues. The pictures of this barbarism shook the globe.

However, Ines San Martin also reports on Twitter that on the same day dozens of parishioners showed up to restore the church.


Catholics everywhere they must stand up for the church
Are we approaching another 1917? One of those years where all around the world, portentous things are happening that will shape the foreseeable future?
It's more like pre-1914. Not yet begun.
...and not one word of outrage from the international media or the UN about this religiously focused hate crime.
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle