“Fiat mihi”

All of Redemption began with Our Lady’s

“Fiat mihi”.
Our Lady operating in God’s “Divine Will” begins Redemption, makes Redemption possible with this one “Fiat mihi”
act in the “Divine Will”. Our next Holy Communion can be received in (fused to) Our Lady’s “Fiat mihi”.

Our Lord speaking to Luisa. “ From within one single ‘Fiat’ of Mine came out billions and billions of stars. From the ‘Fiat Mihi’ of My Mama, from which Redemption had Its origin, come out billions and billions of acts of grace which communicate themselves to souls. These acts of grace are more beautiful, more resplendent, more varied than the stars; and while the stars are fixed and do not multiply, the acts of grace multiply to infinity; in each instant they run, they attract creatures, they delight them, they strengthen them and give them life. Ah! if creatures could see in the supernatural order of grace, they would hear such harmonies, they would see such an enchanting scene, as to believe that that is their paradise.”

From the Calendar---February 2, 1921 Volume 12 — Luisa Piccarreta