When Don Bosco was traveling through France: Miracle in Cannes

On April 10, 1883, Don Bosco celebrated Mass in the church of Saint-François-de-Sales in Lyon. As he gets up after his thanksgiving, a small choirboy approaches him:
"You don't recognize me, my father?"
"So good! It is you who have just served me Mass.
"But otherwise, don't you remember me?" Yet it is me, your little John.
"John? Oh, yes! We have the same name. But what John are you?
— Jean Courtois. Don't remember?
Two years ago, at Cannes train station. You were already on the train and the station master was going to give the signal to leave, when mom pushed me into my little car and asked you to bless me.
"I'm there now. You were paralyzed, weren't you?
"Yes, I was unable to take a step. As the train started, you leaned over the compartment window and shouted at me, "What is this? You are not ashamed to be cared by your mother. Get up and use your legs! »
—So what?
"Then I got up. I got out of my cart; I could walk. Since then I have been completely healed. To say that I see you again and that I can finally thank you! I was always waiting.
"Thank you to the Blessed Virgin, my little John. She is the one who healed you, not me!
"Ah, my father!" said the sacristan, interrupting the conversation, the church is full, and everyone wants to talk to you. It's just if people don't break down the door of the sacristy. What needs to be done?
"Bring them in, one by one," sighs Don Bosco.
The parade lasts for hours. Everyone has something to ask for (...)

All the groans of the earth assail the poor priest, and always he listens attentively, he comforts, he encourages to pray well, promises his intercession near Mary Help of Christians.
This has been the case for two months.
Since don Bosco's arrival in France on February 13 in Nice, thousands of afflicted people of all kinds have surrounded him without respite. In Nice, cannes, Marseille, everywhere. In the streets of Avignon, the crowd almost puts him in danger. The ardent Provençals cut his belt, tear his cassock, cut whole strands of hair. He arrives at the station with the air of a plucked bird and collapses, almost unconscious, on a bench in the waiting room.
He came to France to beg. Immense worries weigh on his shoulders. The Church of St. John in Turin was consecrated in December, but the work of the Sacred Heart in Rome was interrupted; the missions in South America are absorbing fantastic sums.
In addition, Don Bosco's health is extremely poor. He has long suffered from an upset stomach, he has blood spitting, asthma attacks, his legs swollen and always locked in rubber stockings make it difficult for him to move. He advances bent with a not bad insured; he has all gray hair, hollow and emaciated cheeks; only its large dark eyes retain the same brilliance.

(Don Bosco, the Apostle of Youth, G. Hünermann)

Quand Don Bosco voyageait à travers la France : Miracle à Cannes