Against Deviant Bishops: Cardinal, Bishops Launch International Day Of Reparation

Hong Kong Cardinal Zen, Karaganda Auxiliary Bishop Schneider, and retired Chur Auxiliary Bishop Eleganti published together with 15 priests and dozens of intellectuals a May 5 appeal criticising the ongoing German Synod.

They call the synod's ideas “blatantly contrary” to Catholic teaching saying that its errors include an attack on marriage and the priesthood because they want to impose “sodomitic unions" and married and female "priests."

The signees observe that the German clergy, apart from few exceptions, is departing from the Church. The appeal refers to an upcoming May 10 “homosex blessing” all over Germany which is openly supported by 2,500 priests and pastoral agents and more or less openly by most bishops, "The German Synodal Way is daily tending towards becoming a step towards declared schism and heresy."

The appeal asks Francis (!) to put an end to "these drifts" of the German Synod and to apply "canonical sanctions” - although in the Novus Ordo Church sanctions are only used against Catholics, never against heterodox Liberals:

As an immediate measure, the appeal proclaims May 10 as The International Day of Prayer and Reparation against the offences and sacrileges committed by the deviant German bishops.

Catholics are called to recite the Litany of the Sacred Heart. Priest shall celebrate the Missa pro remissione peccatorum.

Picture: Zen, Schneider, Eleganti, © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsQrxmqlrksy

Don't hold your breath waiting for a vatican rebuke/penalty against the German heretics.