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SSPX-related Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux in Rome
The sisters and their students went to a pilgrimage to Rome in February 2015.
I have seen the girls when they were in Rome and thought that the faith had returned to the Vatican 😈 .
Peter M. Bauer
Da fällt mir nur die verkündete Religionsfreiheit von Johannes Paul II. ein, welche die Gleichheit aller Religionen, besonders auch für die Freimaurer, propagiert.
What a disappointment that Holy Mass offered by the SSPX was denied these pilgrims, who no doubt sacrificed much already to travel to Rome. How beautifully these Nuns and their pupils accepted that extra sacrifice 👏 . Thank you for posting this video. Deo gratias.
Thank you for presenting this video of the Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux on pilgrimage to Rome. I would like to obtain a truly Catholic Catechism for children to use during all of their formative years for a truly holy and Catholic education, a Catechism that will stay with them all of their lives.