Facebook censored Priest who criticised pro-abortion politicians receiving Holy Communion

Fr. Patrick McCafferty, a priest in Northern Ireland, criticised on Facebook pro abortion politicians for receiving Communion during a televised Mass.

He wrote - but was censored:

"Politicians who promote the grave sin and crime of abortion have departed from the Catholic faith. Even though they may continue to attach to themselves the label 'Catholic,' they are no longer, in truth, Catholics."
Again we have @Be Ye Separate topic-shifting onto his usual anti-Semitism. Pro-abortion censorship has nothing to do with Judaism, you bigot.
Zechariah 4:06
Time to bust up tech monopolies. It's not 1996 anymore. The net companies need no more federal help and protection.
Be Ye Separate
Again we have media owned by Jews, Mark Zuckerberg, stifling Catholics.
This Gloria site, Remnant News... have become extremely important for Catholic communication.
Zuckerberg is influenced by extremely perverse (Reform) false Judaism, they promote gender confusion, sodomy...
Christ our King strengthen us.
Facebook's censors no longer pretend their unbiased. This is a good thing as it erodes public confidence in the platform.