Rome Has Decided - But German Bishops Want to Discuss

The statement of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith against homosex "blessings" will "of course" find its way into the discussions of the German Synodal Way, a condescending Bishop Georg Bätzing, the president of the German Bishops, wrote in a press release.

Bätzing downplayed the document as mere "points of view", although it decrees the impossibility of homosex “blessings".

At the same time, Bätzing attacks the document head-on by writing that there are "no simple answers" to "questions" of this kind. If the Congregation had approved such "blessings", Bätzing would not have worried about "simple answers".

For Bätzing, the Roman decision merely "reflects the state of Church teaching as reflected in several Roman documents".

But: In Germany and in other parts of the Church, there have been discussions for a long time about how this "doctrinal development" can be advanced with "viable arguments”, Bätzing writes.

Bätzing is living behind the moon. Homosexualism has already been introduced into numerous denominations around the world, which, as a consequence, are now in the process of dissolution. In Bätzing's "Germany", where the church is in free fall, it will be no different.

Picture: Georg Bätzing © Press picture, #newsYsrprsgkwf

I hope one day the Catholic Church will have a Pope that corrects all the errors that are going on,and all the Clergy and all catholics will reconvert and follow the Will of God ,Even if the will of the world wants us to go against God,s ways ,the Truth will always prevail ,by the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ . Viva Cristo Rei
Louis IX
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