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Francis’ Ceremony Was "Pagan" And "Primitive" – Cardinal

The October 4 “pagan” Pachamama ceremony with Francis in the Vatican gardens should have been “avoided entirely” according to retired Caracas Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino.

He told (October 21) that the event was “surprising”, “syncretistic”, of “primitive nature" and fo "pagan appearance.”

Urosa warns that an Amazonian-indigenous rite, suggested by the Synod, should carefully avoid “unwarranted syncretism.”

Picture: Jorge Urosa Savino ©, #newsUokziefslr

God bless Cardinal Urosa
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Can you imagine if this was happening during the reign of any pope before the VII council? Would the clergy not publicly rebuke the man destroying the faith and leading souls to hell?

Why won't these bishops publicly rebuke Francis? Much less, why won't any priest publicly rebuke him? Do they fear more for their temporary life than their eternal soul??!!
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Isnt syncretism Francis' end game? Is there even the slightest question? I'm very serious. In my thinking, I can't imagine how anyone could believe otherwise.
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But the Vatican wants us to think that prostrating before Pachamas is a perfectly Catholic act. If you disagree, you don't want dialogue.
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