Open letter to pope Francis.

Holy Father,

In these times of darkness, which under the pretext of the fight against the corona flu are descending on the earth, it seems natural to me to address Your Holiness. To whom could we turn and cry out in despair if not to the successor of Peter?

The Catholic people, the people of God, are well aware that the Vatican is certainly not the WHO, and no Catholic in good faith can reproach the Church and Your Holiness for having, at least initially, believed in the directives of the greatest virologists. Moreover, these directives have been approved not only by almost all the scientific authorities of our modern civilisations, but also by the entire planetary intelligentsia (intellectuals, philosophers, heads of state). It is true, however, that the few courageous scientists who have from the beginning questioned the official version have been sidelined, sometimes even placed in psychiatry. Your Holiness has seen fit, in such a context, to endorse the precautionary principle with regard to this flu pandemic, and this is quite normal.

But now, almost a year after the beginning of the spread of this flu, it is no longer possible to close our eyes to the inconsistencies in the prophylactic measures used to fight against this virus. It is now clear that this pandemic is being used for satanic purposes. Yes, I do say "satanic" and the word is not too strong.
Now that the time has come to take stock of the situation, may Your Holiness allow me to recall briefly the fruits of the actions carried out by the world authorities, actions carried out in an authoritarian, dictatorial manner and against the will of the peoples.

1) The death of 100 million people (doubling of the famine in the world). Therapeutic measures have therefore killed 100 times more than the disease itself.
2) Explosion of hatred and fear among beings.
3) Separation of people, including within families.
4) Prohibition to attend the Holy Eucharist (which is the most important thing in the universe).
5) Destruction of hundreds of millions of lives all over the world (for economic reasons).
6) Millions of elderly people dying alone in hospitals without being able to say goodbye to their children.
And much more... (Suicides, divorces etc...)

It also seems to me essential to underline the destructive and deshumanizing "collateral" effects of the imposition of the mask which turns out to be in reality like the demon's last find to crush the human being.
Yes Holy Father, the imposition of the mask is diabolical and this is why:

1) Because man is created in the image of God and to mask the face made in the image of God is an abomination.
2) Because God has given free will to man (even if this free will must lead him to choose the truth) and the word is the means to express this freedom. The mask by hindering speech therefore destroys free will. It thus opposes the will of God.
3) Because the gift of speech is a wonderful gift that God has given us, and it is the gift that differentiates us from the animal kingdom. Wearing the mask corresponds to the rejection of this gift and embodies the desire to make man an animal "like the others". This is satanic.
4) Because the mask, which makes one mute, prevents one from spreading the Gospel and obeying the Lord's command: "Go into all the world and preach the good news".
5) Because the mask, at least symbolically, prevents one from receiving the Holy Eucharist.
6) Because the mask indifferentiates the sexes, giving everyone the same androgynous appearance (indifferentiation between man and woman). Thus it "de facto" seals the satanic victory of the gender theory. Something that will eventually develop homosexuality.
7) Because the mask prevents a person from meeting his future spouse (it is impossible to approach a man or a woman under these conditions to get to know them). Thus it prevents the reproduction of the species and is opposed to the Almighty's commandment: "go and procreate".
8) Because the mask suggests that any sexual relationship is dangerous (since the act of procreation requires that the bodies be naked). Thus it encourages satanic procreation via MAP.
9) Because the mask suggests that "the other" is dangerous and that one must protect oneself from it, which makes each one the enemy of the other. It generates reciprocal and universal suspicion among people and thus opposes two commandments of the Lord "love your neighbour as yourself" and "when many are gathered in my name, I will be among them".

Furthermore, Most Holy Father, we now know that the figures that are constantly being rehashed by the media are false because if the elderly die with the corona flu virus, they do not die of corona. At the end of life and especially in the last hours of life, the immune defences collapse, and it is customary to detect all kinds of viruses, bacteria and fungi in patients. If, instead of looking for the corona virus in these people, one were to look for an oral mycosis, it would also be possible to say that there is a pandemic of fatal oral mycosis. Yes, that would be absurd, but that is precisely what happens with corona.
May Your Holiness remember that at the beginning of the pandemic we were also told that this virus could kill young people and even children. But in Germany (82 million inhabitants) not a single child has died of corona flu this year... Of the 1,000 sailors on the french Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier who were all contaminated, not a single one died of it either...
Yes, it appears that all this is an odious lie which has no other aim than to destroy the human being by creating an anthropological evolution in opposition to God's plans, especially in the field of the reproduction of the species, and therefore to destroy the Holy Catholic Church (if that were possible). Certainly, the fact that it is the same medical specialists and the same pro-abortion politicians (45 million unborn children are killed each year on earth) who suddenly, almost miraculously, are working to destroy our most fundamental freedoms to protect us from the flu, should probably have alerted us.
Most Holy Father, the Church now has enough distance to understand the real satanic stakes of this instrumentalization of covid 19. Moreover, more and more Catholics are suffering to see this credulity, even cowardice, of the ecclesiastical authorities towards the world system sink into the sedevacantic error. This is dramatic. The Holy Church is being torn apart (if that were possible). That is why I beg Your Holiness to intervene and denounce head-on this monstrous manipulation which every day crushes humanity a little more. Yes, the time has come for the successor of Peter to oppose his prophetic voice to this foul culture of death, to this foul advance of the devil, because in the final analysis, the goal is not peace in lies, but the struggle for truth. Truth that we have received from the Messiah of Israel, the only universal saviour, Son of God and God Himself in the mystery of the Holy Trinity, Jesus Christ. Your Holiness' mission is to preserve this truth.
Your humble and devoted servant, Jean-Pierre Aussant
St. Dymphna
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