Wintertime in the Church

Of late, I've been invited to give various presentations on Church and faith-related topics. Last night, one hundred or so Catholics gathered at a parish; most had children. Afterward, many parents came in pairs to purchase books I've authored.

Best count - eight times - I heard something analogous to this: "All (or a certain #) of our children have left the faith." (tears welling). "We don't think they're coming back. We don't know what to do." (tears falling, husband's arm reaching for wife's back; husband looks to the floor). Over the past year, it is this repeated parental dirge I hear of children who've fled the Catholic faith.

On the drive home, I wondered if even a single bishop, who converged in Baltimore for its annual meetings this week, thought to address what is becoming a ghost-Church. Teens, college-aged kids, and 20-somethings are fleeing the Catholic Church as the Israelites did from Pharaoh. It is dark.

It is wintertime in the Church - and as Bishop McElroy this week questioned fossil fuel usage and bishops considered immigration policy, "social investments", and environmental concerns - I am thinking of a question a man stood to ask last night.

"Why did the bishops vote the way they did on the Eucharist today? Why do they keep giving the Eucharist to those in public sin."

[Silence for five seconds; I didn't know what to say]

"Because they have genuflected to the world."

Kevin Wells
Author of "The Priests We Need to Save the Church"
chris griffin
Truth... "Because they have genuflected to the world."