Tower of Babel: Francis Will Perform "Inter-religious Prayer" At Moon Temple

When visiting Ur, Iraq, next weekend, Francis will hold an inter-religious prayer service. Ur is the place which Abraham left in order to follow the call of the Triune God.

The inter-religious performance will be attended by Christians, Muslims, Mandaean-Sabaean, Yazidi and other religious group present in Iraq. calls Francis’ prayer “a pagan rally.” Located about 300 km south of Iraq's capital Baghdad, Ur comprises a step pyramid ziggurat.

Ziggurats are massive structures built in ancient Mesopotamia for the gods living at the top of these temples. The ziggurat of Ur was built as a shrine of Nanna, the idol of the moon in Mesopotamian religion. According to some modern theories the Tower of Babel (Gen 11) was a similar ziggurat to another idol.


The moon temple? :D Does that mean the Pope is tacitly admitting he's a lunatic?
Worse than the Pachamama debacle
Pope Innocent lll
"Ur is the place which Abraham left in order to follow the call of the Triune God."
Francis is leading people back to paganism, rather than to where faithful Abraham began worshipping our One True Almighty God.
la verdad prevalece
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He will pray with Peacock-Angel-worshipping Yezidis in Iraq
la verdad prevalece
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