Pope in greek catholic liturgy.No communion on hands.Tens thousand spoons to be melted..

Tens of thousands of metal spoons were procured by the Greek Catholic Archbishop's Office in Prešov. Their purchase is related to the Pope's visit to the metropolis of Saris. Why will they use them? You will be surprised what fate will befall them later, so that this purchase does not go to waste!

Greek Catholic priests offer their faith in worship at "both ways," that is, the transformed guest and the wine - with a spoon straight to their mouths. And this ritual awaits the pilgrims during the Holy Liturgy, which will be presided over by St. Father František during his visit to Prešov on September 14. And they will now need tens of thousands of teaspoons for that.

Until recently, existing pandemic measures allowed the reception of the hands of believers. According to the spokesman of the Prešov Archdiocese, Michal Pavlišinovič, when it was definitively confirmed that the head of the Catholic Church would visit Slovakia, liturgists from the Vatican spoke up. And they demanded that an event such as the solemn liturgy presided over by the Pope

should be in accordance with established rules, including admission. Therefore, the Archbishop's Office addressed the Office of Public Health with an official request. However, according to the latest decree, admission can also be given with a spoon, if it is used for each other and especially disinfected. So, after the new one, the spoons will now also be used in individual parishes. But the believers are the first to try this change at Mass with the Pope in Prešov. Along with thousands of metal spoons, which they have already prepared at the archbishop's office, they also bought metal mugs - 230 large and 230 small. Smaller ones will be used for clean spoons, larger ones for already used ones. They washed everything, disinfected it and prepared it for use. After the Pope's visit, the spoons are distributed to individual parishes, where they will be used during pandemic measures. If the pandemic ends, they will use it to make a memorial that will commemorate the corona times and the Pope's visit. "We may one day create a cross from these spoons as a memory," Pavlišinovič explained. In addition to Prešov, the pope will also visit Košice on that day, where he will meet with the inhabitants of the Luník IX housing estate. and young people in the stadium. The next day he will celebrate Mass at the pilgrimage site in Šaštín. Author: Ingrid Timková…biskupstvo-nakupilo-25-tisic-lyziciek-naco-im-budu