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The Antichrist is someone of variable geometry: he foresees several scenarios and comes out the most suitable for the current situation; it's quite simple.
The Pachamama sacrifice bowl is on the cover of the Exhortation.
No Thors Catholic Hammer. Benedict didn't do anything. The document was re-written because of the influence of the book's message. Quit trying to "fake news" what actually happened. Maybe you should quote the Bible on liars, too, since that's what you're doing as usual.
Thors Catholic Hammer
@ @Ultraviolet
Benedict didn't do anything The document was re-written because of the influence of the book's message”

Except of course Pope Benedict reiterated in forceful language the teaching on priestly celibacy.

As usual you make a complete tit again again of yourself with another massive self contradiction.
As usual, you simply lie. There is no "self-contradiction". Benedict did not exercise his papal authority like you falsely claimed. Benedict doesn't have any "papal authority" because he resigned the Papacy. He even made this point clear back in 2013: I no longer bear the power of office for the governance of the Church,
Thors Catholic Hammer
So Pope Benedict xvi uses his papal authority to preserve catholic tradition.
Very odd now that millions of so called “catholics “ still think the formal heretic Bergoglio is some class of “pope” as well.
Just goes to show the truth in the Bible adage that the number of fools is indeed infinite .
Saint Francis have foretold that this Che Amazon is really a "Destroyer."
F M Shyanguya
So it appears.
The intervention of BXVI was masterful through the published book. Good job, Sarah.