English Bishop Recycles Cross of Christ As "Climate Crucifix"

In the last weeks, Salford Bishop John Arnold, England, has been displaying in his cathedral's old baptistery, what he calls, a “crucifix sculpture.”

It was put up by English bishops' relief organisation CAFOD, a member of Caritas Internationalis, to coincide with COP26, the recent climate jamboree in Glasgow.

Arnold is the English bishops' spokesman for the Council Church's environment ideology. He has been working to convert the grounds of his official residence into a "Laudato Si Centre" to promote climate change hysteria.

The "crucifix" recycles Christ who is apparently obsolete in Salford, for Arnold’s efforts “to preserve our common home.” It was made from local, re-used materials: pallet timber and driftwood from Irwell river.


Memes are memes for a reason.
Jeffrey Ade
More satanic art work by "catholics!"
What is wrong with these people?!!
Ugly as sin. Perhaps Lavender Bishop Arnold can take it along to one of his LGBT masses?