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‘That time the Madonna came with a bevy of Angels…there were lots of Angels, both small and large.’

Medjugorje – The visionary Marija: ‘That time the Madonna came with a bevy of Angels…there were lots of Angels, both small and large.’

A conversation with Marija Pavlovic, the visionary of Medjugorje .

Once a Pope said that if a Christian is not a Marian, he is not a good Christian; this is why my desire is to make you fall in love with the Madonna thinking of those moments in which we fell in love with her.

I remember that once the Madonna asked us to offer her a few hours of prayer during the night for nine days and so we went to the Apparition Hill and at 2.30 am She appeared.

During those nine days, we seers along with other people offered the novena according to Our Lady’s intentions.

Our Lady appeared at 2.30 but we and the people gathered there still remained to thank her. Since we did not know so many prayers we had decided to say, each, a Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory to the Father; in this way we spent the night until 5 or 6 in the morning.

At the end of the novena the Madonna appeared very happy but the most beautiful thing was that together with her there were lots of Angels, both small and large.

We have always noticed that when Our Lady arrives with the Angels, if she is sad the Angels are too, but if she is happy their expression of joy is even more intense than that of the Madonna.

That time the Angels were very happy.
At the time of the apparition, all the crowd that was with us saw a great deal of stars fall and so he seriously believed in the presence of Mary.

The next day when we went to the parish we told the pastor what had happened, he told us that the day before was the feast of Our Lady of the Angels!

Through the story of this experience I wish to offer you its most important messages: prayer, conversion, fasting …

Our Lady asks for prayer, but even before prayer, she asks for conversion; Our Lady asks that we begin to pray so that our life may become prayer. I remember that time when Our Lady asked us to dedicate three hours to Jesus and we told her: “Isn’t it a little too much?”

Our Lady smiled and replied: “When a friend of yours comes along, you don’t mind the time you spend for him”.

Thus she invited us to make our greatest friend become Jesus. Our Lady invited us to prayer gradually; the first prayer we did with you was that of the seven Pater, Ave and Gloria with the…/medjugorje-the-…
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Be patient and you will soon see how very true Medjugorje is 😌
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Medjugorje is a false apparition! Their are many "messages" that contradict the teaching of the Catholic Church, prior popes and great Saints!
You don't have to believe in Medjugorje, as long as you do what Our Lady asks: prayer, daily (if possible) H. Mass, regularly Confession, living the Word of God and fasting. Whether you believe or not in the apparitions of Medjugorje, these 'weapons' you will need!