This has been a problem long before the COVID-curfew. The current pontiff has welcomed "the poor" into some areas of the Vatican as no Pope has before him -with predictable results, probably as intended.
Is God, possibly acting through this poor unfortunate individual, expressing HIS disdain for what the See of Rome has become. I say why not, God, used a donkey to teach Balaam, why can't God use this unfortunate to express his opinion of the See of Rome.
Eric M
Next time, aim for the bishop dressed in white up in that balcony!
Lord, forgive me for this, but this is the lowest of the Catholic tabloids.
Is there no good news anywhere?
Is there no testimony anywhere?
Is there no encouragement anywhere on how we can focus on the good rather than on the all-encompassing filth?
Lord, Thy will be done. As soon as possible on this Earth ...
Dear, we ara in the Great Apostasy, you must know this
Bergoglio is harvesting what he seeded.
Holy Cannoli
Jmy??? 😷