Apostolic Visit in Strasbourg Archdiocese!

Francis has ordered an apostolic visit in Strasbourg Archdiocese, France, which is justified by “information received by the Holy See and relating to the pastoral government.”

It will already start in June 27. According to France Bleu Alsace, the inspection will focus on the management methods of [anti-Catholic] Archbishop Luc Ravel, who in April made election propaganda for President Macron, and is considered “too strict” by some.

Aspects of the financial management of the diocese are also being discussed. The visitors are the bishops Lalanne (Pontoise) and Mercier (Secretary Emeritus of the Clergy Congregation).

In May, Ravel ousted the diocesan bursar, Jacques Bourrier who later spoke of an absence of a social dialogue in the diocese and of a total lack of management.

Picture: Luc Ravel © wikicommons CC BY-SA, #newsYgdxgjpzng

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The Vatican has ordered an Apostolic Visitation of the Strasbourg archdiocese “following information received by the Holy See concerning its pastoral government.”
Louis IX
“We hear there are Catholics there, this cannot stand!”
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