la verdad prevalece
3500 Republican National Guard agents prevent pilgrims from entering the Sanctuary of Fatima with the support of apostate António Marto
la verdad prevalece
😡 The rector of the shrine, Father Carlos Cabecinhas, sent a video message asking pilgrims not to approach the Shrine. Initially, the Portuguese Minister of Health had indicated that the physical pilgrimage could take place provided the necessary precautions were observed, but the apostate António Marto canceled it.
la verdad prevalece
Modernist heretics are supplanting it and promoting a 'virtual pilgrimage'.
Mother, show this force of 3500, the Face of Your Son, and put them on their Knee's!
Child of Our Lady
We are bending over backwards and jumping through hoops for this "pandemic". When all it will take is a simple ceremony for the Holy Father, in union with the bishops of the world, to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. Why the disobedience?
How many policemen guard the borders of Portugal? In other words, it does not matter that people smugglers enter, but it does mean that people want to go to Fatima.
Amazing how the authorities can suddenly find all the available personnel when blocking Catholics, eh? But never have enough to stop crime.
Novella Nurney
Dont be silly Ultraviolet, Catholics ARE the criminals.
Ecclesiastical Freemasonry at work! Remember, the closing of the Shrine for May 12/13 was NOT the choice of the local government but rather the choice of the Shrine rector, Fr. Carlos Cabecinhas, backed by the Cardinal of Fatima, António Marto.
Lets block portugal as a destination. No tourists for several years. Until they respect Our Lady.