Cardinal Sarah: “Francis Is a Man of Prayer”

Cardinal Robert Sarah has given an interview to (July 1) about his new Catechism of the Spiritual Life (Fayard). Highlights. • I wrote …
Father D. Joseph Waugh
A Bergolio boot licker. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of all of them.
Sally Dorman shares this
Cardinal Sarah: "We Seek a Priest Because We Seek God, not Because We Want to Save the Planet"
John A Cassani
This is a step forward. He needs to go further though, and say the truth which becomes more evident every day. “Saving the planet” entails mass murder on a scale we’ve not yet seen, and the Church must stand against it.
man of prayer ??? by their fruits you will know them (Mt 7:15.......... fruits = actions. "...Steps..." ???? we need leaps of courage. Check out Luke 5:1-11 Put out into the deep No wonder the media and 'professional' catholics talk of Sarah as papabile.
Paul Mclenson
If that is true then why all the heresies your Eminence? 🤔
Sad that Cardinal Sarah has become so flaky. He was once a source of hope in the sewer that is the Vatican.
Jeffrey Ade
Yes Man par excellence. SARAH is a monster with kid gloves. Weak, at the same time talks out of both sides of his mouth. Determined to stay on top as the ship sinks....
michael newman
Sarah is a useless nincompoop..a caricature..he should follow his own advice and be silent. He did nothing useful as a prefect of the CDW, allowed cockroaches to breed in his offices. Now he’s talking nonsense (if infact he said what’s reported here )
Live Mike
Yes, Your Eminence... but to which god are you referring?
Cassandra Laments
Agreed. There's one thing to be said, though. Every time I think things can't get any worse, at least in regards to the clergy and their antics, another one surprises us with his wisdom or about turn. I think this is the second surprise which Cardinal Sarah has given me lately.
GJA Taylor
This statement from Card. Sarah that Francis is a man of prayer? Is this the same man who gave a Papal Medal to the notorious Italian Abortionist and publicly called her one of Italy's "greats"?
Sorry, your Eminence, that does not make any sense at all.
I pray that Our Lord grants this man on St. Peter's Chair a Pauline Conversion before he dies.