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Gloria.tv is a great way of making online connections with Catholics, sharing comments and questions, researching and resourcing, and finding news you will not find anywhere else.

You can watch and enjoy Gloria.tv, you can follow users and your interests and also give YOUR input. Gloria.tv is also fun, hanging out with a roomful of ideally smart and witty Catholics.

Do you like what you see? Gloria.tv is free, but comes at a cost. We need each month a bit more than €10,000 (this is exclusively for running this social media, not for our personal living). In summer, as usually, our donations decrease. So, if you can, please help us.

We truly need your donations!

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Wilma Lopez shares this
The irony of Twitter censoring accounts for speaking objective truth is that they know it's objective truth—that's why they censor it.
Seidenspinner shares this
Thanks to everyone who donated. Love being on Gloria!
Surprisingly in real life, not on social media or in academia, most people get along regardless of their political affiliation quite well in day to day interactions. We must remember the goal of the media is to polarize and divide people in order to shock you, not inform you.