Argentinean Blog: What Is Behind Cardinal Sarah’s Re-Confirmation?

The confirmation of Cardinal Sarah, 75, in his office corroborates “what we have been repeating in this blog since 2013,” the Argentinean Caminante-Wanderer.BlogSpot.com (June 18) writes.

Francis has an amputated speculative intellect and is “pure practical intellect” with no ideology and no doctrinal interests, the blog explains, “His greed regards not the truth and neither the error; much less the Faith – his greed regards power.”

If Francis’ pontificate favours progressivism and the worst causes, it is only “because he believes that these positions will bring him greater power, not because he believes in them.”

Consequently, Francis doesn’t care about the liturgy, be it traditional or Novus Ordo, Caminante explains, “Such ceremonials are nothing but a waste of time for him that distracts him from his power games.”

Picture: Robert Sarah, © Michael Swan, CC BY-ND, #newsZmiokafwsq

I'm not sure this cartoon represents things too accurately. Cardinal Sarah, unless he secretly harbours the thinking of Abp Viganó, is a good company man.
This is NOT true. He craves power, but he does have an ideology, this guy is lost
Don Reto Nay
In order to go up in politics you need an ideology and you need to use it, but it doesn't not mean that you have. When he went up among the Jesuits, he was clearly a "neocon" because it suited him, now he is a liberal, because it suits him. You remember Mitterand? There was not a single position from Catholic, to rightwing, to leftwing and back to Catholic he had not taken in his life.
WRONG #2 Cardinal SARAH is a black man, for BERGY he is window dressing for the race card esp. as in the USA ramping up race war, they have fabricated...
F M Shyanguya
Interesting take.
Alex A
Our Lady of Sorrows
"Father Sergiy has declared the coronavirus non-existent and urged believers to ignore the lockdown orders from authorities"
F M Shyanguya
Coronaviruses exist, have always existed. Novel coronavirus apparently created in China causing CoViD-19 is all a show because the latter is your common cold to which they have added flu symptoms.
WRONG! Two steps forward and one step back is his Marxist creed! He is playing a waiting game until the new canon comes out and the old mass is swept away forever (he thinks!).
Alex A
He is a Jesuit-post V2 formation-and a communist. As Russia's President Putin noted, "He ['Francis} is not a man of God."