Vatican Is Going After Monastic Community of Valleripa

Cardinal Aviz’s Congregation for Religious validated Father Orfeo Suzzi's removal as the superior of the diocesan monastic community Piccola Famiglia della Risurrezione of Valleripa, Italy, which he founded.

He accused Father Suzzi, 77, of “marked authoritarianism” und “dangerous concentration of decision-making power.”

The community’s twenty members live in houses in Italy, Jerusalem, India, and Mozambique. Cesena Bishop Douglas Regattieri replaced Suzzi in June 2019 with a commissioner accusing him of having done unspecified “harm to the spiritual and material life” of the group.

Suzzi appealed against the measure calling it unfounded, disproportionate, and insufficiently motivated, accusing Regattieri of a prejudicial and persecutory attitude, (February 12) writes.

Media suggest that the group's substantial assets could have intrigued the diocese, especially after the group built a large monastery in Mozambique.


Always the same idiotic accusations, and all to get their money back.
Follow the money, always follow the money.
What Prayhard said. This is how the Vatican is "fixing" its debt problem while eliminating genuine sources of faith.
Novella Nurney
The very reason stated by Prayhard and Ultraviolet is why the FSSPX was first targeted. They wanted the seminary in Econ. If they currently had any accord with the Vatican now I believe they would be eliminated in very short order.
Errr... Novella Nurney I didn't say anything about the FSSPX. But it's clear the Vatican is waging a quiet war against religous life.
Novella Nurney
@Ultraviolet: Oh, I didn't intend to implicate your agreement on the FSSPX matter, I apologize. I just added it in as an observation of my own.
I think Francis had some idea of using FSSPX as a trad reservation, but thankfully there's still parts of the Church he cannot get his paws on.
Sadly, a very standard thing. Too Catholic and with resources that could be used for sodomy and heresy.