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Priest sues Michael Voris

Judicial Vicar Rev. Georges de Laire filed a federal lawsuit against the far-right news outlet Church Militant this week, claiming the outlet …
in a communism world there will be no free speach ,never the less ,free speach has to be responsable speach .
Voris is a pro VII apologist. He dislikes the SSPX. He is far from "far right." He is your typical neo traditionalist bore.
alfred dunn
Why would you offer this extremely left publication's opinions here???
Libel suits are notoriously difficult to win, just sayin'. Just as likely, this is the opening salvo before an offer for a settlement.
Armo 75
What a bunch of BS! Who owns the NH Reporter(sketchy website)? Another attack on a true Catholic group (NOT a "far-right news outlet....")