How Francis Helped Argentina to Avoid National Bankruptcy

President Alberto Fernández recently thanked Francis for having helped “with gestures and actions” to avoid Argentina’s default.

The country reached an August 4 an agreement with its creditors – mainly the BlackRock oligarchs. (August 9) writes that Francis met Kristalina Georgieva, the head of the IMF, in early February when Georgieva spent two days at Casa Santa Marta before participating in a Vatican seminar.

Francis explained to her that the IMF was "starving the people." When President Fernández showed up in the Vatican, Francis told him that Georgieva understood Argentinia’s problems.

On February 20, two weeks after the Vatican seminar, the IMF concluded that “Argentina's foreign debt is not sustainable" and asked the oligarchs to accept "an appreciable reduction."

Picture: Alberto Fernández, © Casa Rosada, CC BY-SA, #newsMgycnugbct

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