Francis Laicises Homosex Ex-Priest

Francis has “punitively dismissed” from the priesthood Anselm Bilgri, 68, a homosexual and former prior of Andechs Monastery, Germany (Bild.de …
Dante Alighieri
Sung to the tune of "That's Amoris!" by Dean Martin
Boontje komt om zijn loontje.
The modern world is madder than any satires on it.
Wilma Lopez
Teach your boys to be men before their teachers teach them to be women.
De Profundis
Tthe witness of Scripture and Tradition is one: the devil is real, the devil hates us, and the devil wants to destroy us.
Wilma Lopez
The devil works with our fallen natures and fallen desires to confuse us about who we are and who the people around us are.
Sally Dorman
Don’t make the devil laugh. Don’t pay him too much attention; he is a bore and Christ is infinitely more interesting.