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Jesuit: Francis Should Send Curia Clergy to Amazon Region

The Spanish Jesuit José Ignacio González Faus, 86, proposed on (February 16) sending “all these celibate Curia priests” to abandoned regions so that those Catholics’ “right” to have a Eucharist would be guaranteed.

He suggests staffing the Vatican with lay-people and married clergy without explaining how to finance their salaries. Neither does he take in account that, for instance, the Amazon region has few priests because those locally available prefer to emigrate.

Why does Faus believe that “married priests” would be less inclined to move with their families to the U.S.?

Faus’ proposal contains a nasty twist, “This could be an excellent opportunity for men like Cardinal Sarah [74] or Cardinal Müller [72] to demonstrate the pastoral significance of celibacy.”

Faus could join them as he himself never held a task of “pastoral significance.

Picture: Ignacio González Faus, © Soniahs, wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsSblgovokal

"The effectively imprisoned Pope Benedict xvi" Another empty claim from Thor's Catholic Parrot. I've been asking for proof for weeks now and all you do is repeat this squawking, usually with some mention of "anniepope Francis"
It would be time to charter special planes filled only with Bergoglio, Faus and the whole conciliar clique, and to drop them in the middle of the Amazonian forest: this would certainly be a most fruitful implantation since there the conditions are ideal, being the earthly paradise of the Antichrist who must be full of devils!
Thors Catholic Hammer
The effectively imprisoned Pope Benedict xvi is unlikely to suppress the Society of Jesus at this stage .
Hopefully his successor will reform it.