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First LGBT+ 'Pride Prom' Planned at Catholic Marquette Univ.

While Catholic students fight to preserve moral values on campus, Marquette University -- a Catholic institution in Wisconsin -- plans to host an event that destroys moral values: "PRIDE PROM 2018."

Announced as a "first," the pro-homosexual prom is sponsored by the LGBT+ Resource Center on campus and is open to people of "all ages." According to the university's website, the event will take place in Marquette's AMU Ballrooms on April 14, 2018.

What is worse, the "Pride Prom" is scheduled in the same building where Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist is present. To avert this sacrilege against the Most Blessed Sacrament, please join the peaceful protest.

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God bless you.…
Joseph a' Christian
I signed. Many colleges that used to be Catholic, are now worldly sewers. Notre Dame allows anti-Christ, false jew rabbis, to teach the Catholic students there. The signs are everywhere, that the apostasy of the numerous, is ongoing.
The Holy Word, is our way through this exceptional confusion.
Valiant Woman shares this
Please sign!
Ahh, a ,"Catholic" college once again spits in the face of Christ. Must be proud of yourselves.
Angie W.
✍️ Done. Thanks for your zeal for the salvation of soul.
Our Lady of Sorrows
Please sign petition here to stop "Pride Prom"at "Catholic "Campus…