Priest Accuses Another Priest: “I Wasn't Aware that I Was Being Sexually Assaulted”

A parish priest, 42, whose pseudonym is “Father Cédric,” is among nine accusers of a former charismatic chaplain, 64, in the well-known Catholic Stanislas school in Nice, France.

The accused who disputes all allegations, fondled him in his adolescence, Cédric told (February 14). Most of the allegations are prescribed.

Cédric describes "caresses", which he found at the time "excessive but not criminal.” They went on from the age of 14 until 17, “Before I was able to tell anyone, I wasn't aware that I was being sexually assaulted, I thought it was his way of showing me his affection.”

The priest used to host Cédric on the eve of hikes and camps, sometimes sharing the same tent and inviting him to his chalet for skiing, “Things happened every time I slept in the same room with him which was quite often."

“Once the light was off, he would come closer to me and would caress me, touch my legs, my buttocks or put a finger in my mouth and play with my tongue, kiss me. He would tell me that he loved me, that I was beautiful. He never touched my sex."

Father Cédric describes the priest as “a second father” who called him “his godson” and financed his studies in business school and whom he invited to his first mass.


A teenager "wasn't aware" it was assault? Sure. :P "and financed his studies in business school" Ah... there's the reason for the decades of silence.