The biggest problem of the Church, of course, is young priests wanting to celebrate the Latin Mass
Lisi Sterndorfer

Vatican's Cardinal Becciu on trial in $412m fraud case

image copyrightReuters image captionCardinal Giovanni Angelo Becciu (L) had been a close adviser to Pope Francis A Roman Catholic cardinal who was …
Obviously. ;-) Along with eeeevil Catholic media sites spying on decent, homosexual Monsignors when they're out "cruising." After all, anything can happen in "The Heat Of The Moment."
Sp . .
Ave Crux
The hypocrisy and the irony (and malice?) are simply unbearable....not to mention heartbreaking.
John A Cassani
Not to mention the serial users of hookup apps.
The New Knights Templar
I read somewhere that there were demonic manifestations is St. Peter's Basilica and other areas of the Vatican. I have no proof but I equally have no doubt.
Maria Pocs
The Cardinal is also being investigated for signing off on a donation of about 116,000 dollars to a charity run by his brother