Useless for God: Handed Over to Ersatz Religion

Useless Novus Ordo churches and parishes around the world are being recycled as vaccine centres.

Sicily's bishops signed an agreement to turn parishes into AstraZeneca vaccination centres on Holy Saturday (MessinaToday.it, March 25).

Wellington's Call-Me-John Cardinal, New Zealand, bragged on Facebook.com (March 12) that he offered his church buildings as vaccine centres to pro-abortion Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Miami Biker Archbishop Thomas Wenski advised his clergy repeatedly to transform Church property into Covid vaccination sites.

This happens despite the fact that plenty of public buildings are available, but is in line with Francis' boring health and environment ersatz religion.

Picture: © Screenshot, tampabay.com, #newsShxkyyiumr

Three to one odds the guy getting vaccinated has a reaction, too. Yeesh... he doesn't look healthy.
Just another day in the Novus Ordo religion
Useless is the correct word!