German Bishops: Synod Against Celibacy And Morals

The German bishops decided on March 14 unanimously to start a "synodal process" concerning "clerical power," celibacy, and sexual morals.

In September, the bishops will present a concept and a timeline for their deliberations. There will be three bodies:

• Osnabrück Bishop Franz-Josef Bode, a promoter of gay fornication, is responsible for sexual morals.

• Münster Bishop Felix Genn, an enemy of Catholic seminarians, is responsible for celibacy.

• Speyer Bishop Karl-Heinz Wiesemann, a promoter of Protestant Communion, will take care of "clerical power".

Picture: © Mazur/, CC BY-SA, #newsStfpdtmmgx
Stand up and rebuke these bishops to their face. Prayer is not enough. Be Catholic
Please stop playing around with the church ,Let us pray for real leaders that love the Faith and the Church
Thomas Sternberg (president of the German Catholic lay body) is disappointed that the German bishops did not decide during their meeting to mention female deacons and married priests as concrete steps