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The worst! 😡
Paid for hire.
Alex A
@tommy1 Seeing as you have blocked myself and others, for reasons unstated, you will miss out on a congratulatory linguistic masterpiece of mine. Must move on to others that might well be rewarded with my penmanship.
Yes, philosopher, strange indeed. Maybe it's a plot??? Maybe the Masons/ and others who cry discrimination every time someone tries to tell the truth about, for example, their treatment of Palestinians are rabidly Anti-Catholic! Maybe...
Maybe if the Palestinians would recognize that Israel has a right to exist, stop sending suicide bombers, and lobbing Iranian-hezbollah missiles at elementary schools; join their fellow Arabs who are Israeli citizens and reside peacefully in The state of Israel with their Jewish friends and co-workers, they would experience peace. Maybe?
Be Ye Separate
The Talmud and Quran encourage their followers to be supremacists.
The Holy Word is the single way to peace.
"The Talmud and Quran encourage their followers to be supremacists." [citations needed from both documents] Wow, sure is E. Michael Jones in here. :D
philosopher, you have it all wrong. The Zionists have taken over Palestinian land, since before WWII there was a huge plot to colonize Palestine. They even bombed the King David Hotel to get the British who were trying to maintain some kind of peace out of Palestine. The whole Zionist plot is so inhuman and cruel!
Human pigs.
Strange that if these activists became dehydrated the local priest at this church would give them some water, or if they tripped on the steps and injured themselves, he would render first aid. But the Islamic Republic of Iran throws homosexuals off of several story buildings and hangs them from cranes. Yet, no mosques are attacked. Strange indeed!
What next?