Intimidation: Father Oko Has Apologised

A Cologne Court has dropped proceedings against Polish Father Dariusz Oko, 61, and his publisher German Father Johannes Stöhr, 91 - for “incitement to hatred” (sic!) against homosexuals after they apologised.

There is no conviction and no criminal record.

Oko is [rather: was] a world famous critic of the Church's gay mafia. The incriminated article appeared in German magazine Theologisches.

Both priests accepted a fine of €3.150 and €4,000. It goes to a charity for abuse victims.

Father Oko told PCh24.pl (May 20) that he is satisfied as the decision is “a draw”.

Oko had to apologize in the courtroom: “I regret having used such strong wording. I will be careful in the future not to use such expressions that can hurt others. That was not my intention.“

The complaint - known as "intimidation lawsuit" - stems from a homosexual, Father Wolfgang Rothe who caused an worldwide homosex scandal when he was deputy director in Sankt Pölten seminary, Austria.

Cardinal Müller compared the Oko case to National Socialist " justice."

Picture: Dariusz Oko © wikipedia, CC BY-SA, #newsGfgnyglklf

Vincent Capuano
I guess he his protecting his German publisher.
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Don't be a coward.
Liam Ronan
"For you have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin..." Hebrews 12:4