Archbishop Slams Church Closures: Why Does Government Not Take Him Seriously?

Church closures are a grave error committed by the government, Arequipa Archbishop Javier del Río Alba, Peru, wrote in his archdiocesan bulletin (January 29).

The leftwing Peru government which has Francis' support, ordered the total closure of all churches in almost the entire country. Obviously, banks, shopping centres, and restaurants operate, the latter with a capacity of up to 50%.

Del Río protests that 95% of Peruvians profess "some religion" and almost all are "Christians," but the politicians do not share this vision nor recognise their "spiritual needs."

They have already put health and economy against each other, Del Rio writes, “Now they add a more serious and unfounded contrast between physical health and spiritual health.”

Governments would not dare to close churches if they didn't know that most bishops, priests and faithful are lukewarm and do not care.


because the bishops probably took money from the government ,so the government tells them what to do