Curia Cardinal Drops Mass-Immigration on Others: "We Have the Money"

In the name of Francis, Curia Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, brought 33 Moslem immigrants from Lesbos, Greece, to Rome on December 4. Ten more will arrive next week.

The immigrants will be dropped on the Italian State. Krajewski also wishes that “cardinals, bishops and priests” should receive them. The average salary of an Italian priest is around 900 Euros. Krajewski earns five times more.

He imagines that if “every monastery, religious house and parish” would take in people, Lesbos would be empty. Most Italian monasteries are populated by elderly people who struggle to take care of themselves.

From May to December the number of mass-immigrants in Lesbos rose from 7'000 to 15’000.

For Krajewski, the problem is simple, “We have the money, the Holy Father [who lives in a 5 Star hotel] wants a poor Church.” To critics Krajewski answers that “Jesus was also challenged.”

Mass immigration is a form of population theft organized by childless Western countries with the help of well payed human traffickers. It drags the countries of origin into the same demographic winter that has befallen the West.

Picture: Konrad Krajewski, © wikicommons, CC BY-SA, #newsTnbgkneeme

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These same Muslims will sack the Vatican in future
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Muslims for thee but not for me. These fake Cardinals are just leftist politicians who hide in their gated community trafficking massive numbers of people to destroy nations. They are erasing Europe.