It's an amazing feat to ignore the elephant in the room while simultaneously feeding it peanuts.
Can't wait, time is running out.
Evil doesn't wait. It strikes when it thinks the time is right
It seems they couldn't wait. Interesting things expected in next few months.
I see GTV has a new seer. ;-) Suitably vague prediction, which is prudently cautious for newly fledged seers.
The question is not and never has been the mass of Pius V, it is the theology of Pius V and all the popes before Vatican II. We have to redouble our effort to know that theology and be ready to give an answer as to why Novus Ordo, along with Vatican II, contradicts the Catholic faith.
Louis IX
I wish the Bishops of the world would just tell us definitively whether or not a new religion was formed by VII and if a new religion wasn’t formed what was the point of a new Roman Rite and the subsequent destruction of our patrimony?
De Profundis
Same religion.
No, they can't wait, Your Eminence, they can't. They had to "act fast" and in the darkness of the night, like Judas.
You're telling me this guy doesn't have a reverence for the Mass??
De Profundis
Well at least he's celebrating ad orientem. 🥴
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"The problem is not "which rite do people prefer?", But it is "why don't they go to Mass anymore?"