IMPORTANT: Rebecca Kiessling on Norma McCorvey

From Rebecca Kiessling's Facebook

A new documentary has Norma McCorvey, "Jane Roe" from Roe v Wade filmed in a "deathbed confession" in 2017 saying she was always in support of abortion rights and was only paid to say she was pro-life. Norma had serious mental health issues and lots of people in the pro-life movement knew it. I met her in person when we both spoke at an event held on my birthday and I was 9 months pregnant and had my birthmother with me. She kept wanting to cancel the event, but did end up speaking. She was very rough around the edges, joked about her extended years of serious substance abuse. I thought it was odd that she had no interest in meeting her daughter who she gave birth to and placed for adoption as her case was working its way up to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Norma McCorvey and I were Facebook friends for the time she was on Facebook, but the things she posted were extremely bizarre. One time it was a really strange post involving a gun. Everyone was worried about her. She'd flip on things she said or posted regularly and started banning people as they'd inquire or call her out.

She was canceled by #ProLife speakers bureaus as a speaker because of her erratic behavior, including no-showing for events, canceling last-minute, saying she can't speak. She'd blame her behavior on the toll of being responsible for over a million dead babies each year. She signed a sworn affidavit seeking to overturn her case.

In this new documentary where she has her "deathbed confession" that she's always been for abortion rights, who knows what those people were doing to exploit her? Given her mental state, it's not a shock to me that this video has come out.

My birthmom wanted to abort me 4 years before Roe v Wade and went to 2 illegal abortions, but backed out because of her fear for her own safety. "Pro-choice" when we met, she told me that she would have aborted me if it had been legal. 6 years later, my birthmom changed her mind about abortion, and 2 days later, Norma McCorvey announced that she had changed her mind as well. For my birthmom, there will be no deathbed confession saying she should have been able to kill me, because she has a relationship with me and we love eachother.

The ruling in Roe v Wade is wrong, not because Norma McCorvey changed her mind about abortion, but because of the humanity of her daughter who deserved the protection she received from the state of Texas, just as I received legal protection in Michigan. Thank God we both got to be born, but tens of millions who have been killed deserved the same protection. Let's not forget that, and let's renew our efforts to end legalized killing!