Vaccination: Bishops Blackmail Their Priests

The Mexican Bishops published on August 30 four cases in which their health service will not pay for bills the priest cannot pay by himself:

• when a priest exposed himself recklessly to Covid;
• when he is tested positive for Covid-19 but doesn’t take measures;
• when he doesn’t use [useless] masks;
• when he refuses the controversial and dangerous “vaccination”

Eight Mexican bishops died from Covid-19 (average age: 77,3). Life expectancy for males in Mexico is 74.0. Covid-19 fatalities occur mainly because those infected act too late (oxygen level below 80%).

Picture: © The Focal Project , CC BY-ND, #newsZzjgxhwdio

P. O'B
Wonder if he would have covered health care costs for homo priests with AIDS.
The Mexican Bishops apparently think that their priests are as afraid of meeting their creator as they are! Let's hope they are wrong!