Vatican Sham Intervention: German Bishops Carry On

Neither the Synodal Way nor the bishops are competent to set up "synodal councils" at national, diocesan or parish level, the three Curia cardinals Parolin, Ladaria and Ouellet declared in a grandiloquent January 16 letter to the German bishops.

The epistle was "approved" by Francis. The German Synod voted in September to create a "Synodal Council" as a permanent governing body of bishops and lay people.

Subsequently, the bishops of Cologne, Augsburg, Passau, Regensburg and Eichstätt turned to the Vatican with critical questions about this "synodal council". The Cardinals' letter is the response to them.

But on 23 January, Presiding Bishop Bätzing sent the Curia Cardinals packing. He declared that the German bishops will stick to the "synodal council" and sarcastically affirmed that they will do so "within the limits of canon law".

But in canon law there is no such "synodal council" which is instead inspired by the constitution of the no longer existing Soviet Union.

Picture: © Pressebild Synodaler Weg/Maximilian von Lachner, #newsAvlgwvywtz

Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
I think the German bishops from the 5 dioseses named may be among the only good Bishops among the Germans. I know Woelke is against the "Synodal Way". Wouldn't it be a shock to the Germans, if for once Bergoglio acted like a real Pope and threatened them with excummonication, Batzig and the lot?
Tony M
Bergoglio is the opposite of a real Pope....an anti-pope....thus he has not over the last 10 years.... and will not in the future ever act like a real Pope.
To cut short: German bishop dismisses Vatican concerns over a permanent synodal council
Indeed, that's what is is: a sham intervention. The Vatican won't put a straw in the way (the "synodal way").