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Vatican Sham Intervention: German Bishops Carry On

Neither the Synodal Way nor the bishops are competent to set up "synodal councils" at national, diocesan or parish level, the three Curia cardinals …
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
I think the German bishops from the 5 dioseses named may be among the only good Bishops among the Germans. I know Woelke is against the "Synodal Way". Wouldn't it be a shock to the Germans, if for once Bergoglio acted like a real Pope and threatened them with excummonication, Batzig and the lot?
Tony M
Bergoglio is the opposite of a real anti-pope....thus he has not over the last 10 years.... and will not in the future ever act like a real Pope.
To cut short: German bishop dismisses Vatican concerns over a permanent synodal council
Indeed, that's what is is: a sham intervention. The Vatican won't put a straw in the way (the "synodal way").