Bishop: "We Have Too Many Volunteers"

In an exclusive interview with Église d'Asie, Bishop Joseph Nguyên Chi Linh (67) of Huê, the president of the Bishops' Conference in Vietnam, declared that the Communist regime in his country is dictatorial and tends to oppress opponents. The Church is not free and the state interferes in the nomination of bishops.

Nguyên believes however that the mentality is changing, "Communists and Catholics understand each other much better than before."

The Vietnamese Church has many vocations. Regarding the participation of the lay faithful Bishop Nguyên says, "They work easily and free of charge, on a voluntary basis. Sometimes we have too many volunteers. Everyone is available."

From a liberal Western perspective, the Church in Vietnam would be considered "ultraconservative" or "traditionalist".

Picture: Joseph Nguyên Chi Linh, Wikipedia, #newsDvuskqhoaq