Cardinal Eijk Removes Table in his Chapel

Utrecht Cardinal Willem Eijk removed the table in the chapel of his episcopal palace and resumed celebrating Holy Mass on the altar. The chapel was built in 1899.

Hendro Munsterman published on (May 16) two pictures of before and after the removal of the table.

He also writes that two close associates of Eijk, Hans Zuijdwijk and Ronald Enthoven, are engaged in the Dutch Association for the Old Latin Liturgy.

Eijk wrote on May 7 that the bishops and, above all, Francis fail to maintain and transmit faithfully the deposit of faith.

Cardinal Eijk knows what he is talking about: After Second Vatican Council the Dutch Church was already exposed to Bergoglio like experiments which wrecked a once flourishing Church. Church attendance in the Netherlands is now below 1%.

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Cardinal Eijk does exactly the opposite of Bergoglio. Great. Every cardinal should do that!
This could be the the motto