Trad Truly
Cupich aka "Sissyboy" is as close to a "Natural Combustible" as one can get without an involuntary ignition. He is perfectly awful. A true apostle of Church denigration. God help him.
Hugh N. Cry
Cupich was one of those “couple- type” seminarians. 😉
Cupich is not Catholic,please pray for him and his fellow apostates. The rosary is the best!
@123jussi To be an apostate, one must renounce the Catholic faith. Cardinal Cupich has not done so. Therefore he is not an apostate, regardless of his other, many, errors.
Not an apostate, yet, but definitely a heretic.
There is more than one way of renouncing your faith,and words don't mean as much as your actions,he is an apostate !
Guess who is this
Darby D Dillion
If a Cardinal like Cupich can bring a smile to Francis' face, we know exactly where Francis stands on issues.