One topic too hot for the Vatican sex-abuse conference to handle

Photo ~ The Panorama cover reads: 'The great nights of great priests. Silvio Berlusconi-owned Panorama magazine filmed three priests attending gay nightclubs and having casual sex using hidden cameras.

One topic too hot for the Vatican sex-abuse conference to handle

At this week’s international conference on sexual abuse, held at the Gregorian University and sponsored by the Vatican, one important topic was left off the agenda.

The participants heard from Msgr. Charles Scicluna, the Vatican’s top prosecutor for sex-abuse crimes, who said that bishops must be held accountable for their handling of abuse complaints.


They also heard from Msgr. Stephen Rossetti, the former director of St. Luke’s Institute (the Maryland establishment were many abusive priests were treated before returning to abuse again)—the same Msgr. Rossetti who wrote in the 1990s about “reintegrating” pedophile priests into ministry and complained that society today treats pedophiles the way less enlightened eras treated lepers.

Not so good.

The John Jay report concluded that homosexuality was not an important factor in the American sex-abuse scandal, using the curious explanation the priests who molested boys did not think of themselves as homosexuals.

By that logic someone who drinks to excess every day, but denies that he has a problem with alcohol, should not be classified as an alcoholic.

“We are identified by our behavior,” observes one professional critic of the John Jay findings--who adds, significantly, that the data contained in that report actually strongly support the argument that homosexuality was a key factor.