Historic Notre Dame Cathedral Will Become Disneyland For Tourists

The famous Paris Cathedral Notre Dame which suffered damage from a 2019 fire, will be turned into a kindergarten for adults. (November 26) revealed details of a plan which officially is labelled as "renovation." It includes the removal of confessionals, the installation of sound and light effects, the scrapping of altars and statues.

A "discovery trail" will lead visitors through 14 themed "chapels" featuring, for instance, Africa and Asia and ending in a "chapel" dedicated to the environment. Embarrassing art murals will cover the walls, with sound and lighting used as "emotional spaces." Scripture will be beamed onto walls in foreign languages, including Mandarin.

Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit stated that the Cathedral will be brought “into the 21st century while preserving its own identity in the spirit of the Christian Tradition.” In other words: It will be secularised.

Aupetit’s delegate for the wreckovation is Father Gilles Drouin. He sees his “opportunity to re-read the space” with a “clear principle: we want a place that is liturgical and open to all” - except, obviously, Catholics and believers.

The prominent architect Maurice Culot has seen the plans and called the project “Disney entering Notre Dame.” For him "this is a kind of theme park, very childish and trivial, given the grandeur of the place."

"Childish" and "trivial" are two trademarks of the Council Church.


Typical shadow church!
have the people in France been hipnotized ?
No, they have just been brainwashed for over two centuries. This diagnosis: is over 100 years old.
Louis IX
I have a hard time believing the French will put up with this. Even secular French care about their heritage.
"I have a hard time believing the French will put up with this...." There's historical precedent for them putting up with far worse. Pic related.
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atreverse pensar
They are destroying the entire European past.
Wayside Shrine Maker
One day they will renovate it back again.
Roberto 55
First fire...
These are truly dark times...
It has started in 1789, in 1905 went to a phase of "renaissance" and nowadays we watch late consequences.
Abigail Wandsworth