Secularized Francis dey Suffer Religious "bout" when im dey tok about Pachamama

"If we spoil the earth, the answer go dey ugly," na threat wey Francis give for im Online April 22 GEneral Audience wey im do becos of the UN Earth Day 2020.

"The Earth no dey ever forgive," he yarn, "we don sin against the earth."

Wetin follow dis tok na plenty yarns: "global challenges," "our common house," "one human family," "biodiversity," "house-garden," "ecological conversion."

Francis console imself say people don form plenty movements "to awaken consciences" cos "we don pollute and loot the Earth."

For am, [at least] the Earth dey "sacred" and "the Gospel of Creation," na "house of God" wey deserve "sacred respect."

Him come yarn say we learn the "prophecy of contemplation" from the "original peoples" - maybe na becos dem dey suffer from too much drug for alcohol problem.