Curia Cardinal: “Few People With Big Money Seek To Impose Their Ideas”

After interviewing Cardinal Peter Turkson who heads the Vatican’s Social Issues Dicastery, Edward Pentin published two interview questions only on his personal website because they “had to be edited” before the text was published on EWTN’s (February 10).

The first question regards the fact that globalist initiatives place “a lot of power" into a "very small group of people" who are then "forcing a certain world view on others" - something "typical of socialism and Communism.”

Turkson replied that in the Internet, this is sometimes attributed to the "Illuminati," self-appointed wise people who seek to control society. The cardinal explained that "now the same thing is happening with a few people with big money who seek to impose their ideas.”

Pentin confronted Turkson with the danger that talking generically about God while ignoring Christ may drift into backing a pseudo-religion, to wit, a "climate religion" or a pantheistic-environmentalist religion of the Great Reset initiative.

Turkson answered with the truism that a Vatican’s dicastery “cannot" promote pantheism. For him the description of the earth as "our common home" is not pantheistic. His argument, “All of creation is involved in praising God, creation cannot be a deity, because deity cannot praise God.”

Picture: Peter Turkson, © Mazur, CC BY-NC-SA, #newsJugnhujwsg