Müller: The Way to the Blessed Sacrament Must Never Be Barred

Today, Saint Agnes would be “disgusted by the Pachamama spectacle,” Cardinal Gerhard Müller preached on her January 21 feast in his titular church Sant’Agnese in Rome.

For Müller, this spectacle was organised by Christians [= Francis] who have forgotten the First Commandment.

Referring to Covid-19, Müller said that health, wealth and longevity are relative goods. He stressed that “we cannot put all our hopes in a vaccine like the Gentiles.”

The remedy for death is Christ, who offers himself to us in the sacraments, especially in the Eucharist as food for eternal life, Müller said: "Now is the hour to open wide the doors of the churches." And, “The way to Christ in the Most Holy Sacrament must not be barred for anyone.”


Louis IX
Many Catholics have forgotten that the Holy Eucharist is healthful for the body as well as the soul.
Too little, too late... Mr. Card. Müller.
The Pachamama spectacle predates and has nothing to do with Catholic bishops collaborating with secular governments and their Covid farce.
God bless Fr. Muller.