No Francis Effect: Dramatic Decline of Catholicism in Chile and Argentina

The number of Chileans who identify as Catholics dropped from 74 percent in 1995 to 45 percent last year according to polls conducted by Latinobarómetro, writes the New York Times. Francis is visiting Chile from January 15 to 19.

In Argentina, the number of Catholics fell from 87 percent in 1995 to 65 percent last year.

Picture: Immaculata, Santiage de Chile, © Ronald Woan, CC BY-NC, #newsLqvrfrrzas
Joseph a' Christian
And Francis was the goal of the unfaithful, masonic modernists, who wrote the vatican 2 documents.

Jesus prayed, Father I pray for those who You have given Me, yet I do not pray for the world...
(John 17)
Jim Dorchak
I am in Chile and Francis has done more to push away Catholics in Chile than to attract them to the One True Faith.
Francis effect results in decline of Catholicism. All is going according to plan.