Jeffrey Ade
If it is a joke,it's on us. Why would God create parasite horrors like the Bot-Fly and the Guinea Worm, just to name two?
Alex A
I’d be interested in your attempt to reconcile such a conundrum.
Wilma Lopez
Also fungus is fascinating. (A fungus, Clathrus archeri, called Devil's Fingers or Octopus Stinkhorn)
Ever since the light went on for me and I realized it was a hoax, I can't believe I ever fell for it. It doesn't take much thought to see the impossibility. Just consider baby teeth and how they are replaced by adult teeth as a child grows. Evolution??? Really???
Ave Crux
This is the account of a formerly atheist scientist who was honest enough to convert as he realized science and evolution couldn't possibly explain creation, life and especially human life.
Bazsó-Dombi Attila
I am meditating on the dilemma consisting in the contradiction between the few thousands years of the Bible and the billions years of the Carbone isotope age-measuring method. I am sure that the dilemma will be resolved soon in favor of Creation-age. So the BB will popping like a bubble on the oven...
Ave Crux
@Bazsó-Dombi Attila I'm not a scientist by any means, but it was once explained to me by someone who is that the problem lies with the assumptions built into the test, and they don't consider that these assumptions could be incorrect....e.g. how much carbon was present to begin with, half-life assumed as a constant, the flood's impact, etc.
Bazsó-Dombi Attila
@Ave Crux
I think that the key somehow is hiding midst the difference between Kronos and Kairos...